Special virtual office offer for new clients!

Virtual office in Belgrade for 39€ per month for automatic online monthly payments by card or for only 399€ for 12 months for yearly payment (cca 33€/month)!
No change of price in next years! Free change of address in SBRA (APR) for existing firms (you pay only SBRA fee)
Limited time offer!
*offer valid for new clients who register at our address during special offer

Tips for Russian citizens who want to relocate to Serbia in 2024. and open company or independent entrepreneur

These days a lot of Russian citizens are opening companies in Serbia and we want to give few tips especially for Russian citizens:

Native Russian speakers for company registration

We are providing company registration, independent entrepreneur registration and virtual office services (registered address and post forwarding). We speak Serbian and English, but if you want Russian speaking lawyer to help you to open a firm, we can connect you with them too. We have contact with lawyers who are native Russian speakers. There is a big demand for Russian speaking lawyers these days, so the price may be higher. If you are speaking English, you may get lower price, because more lawyers in Serbia speak English, including us.

Best price virtual office in Belgrade

Our virtual office has best price on the market. It it only 399 €/year. We have 10 years of experience in providing virtual office in Belgrade. A lot of advocates and lawyers from other companies use our virtual office for their clients.

Benefit of using our virtual office is that you can register company on our address even before paying to us. After you register your entrepreneur on our address, you should come to sign the contract and do the payment for the first period of virtual office. First payment is in cash, and next payments can be in cash or through the bank account.

Temporary residence and work permits

Regarding temporary residence permit and work permits, you can find a lot of useful information and costs on our page regarding temporary residence permit in Serbia.

Register independent entrepreneur directly by sending documents from Russia

Did you know that you can register entrepreneur (independent entrepreneur) just by sending documents directly from Russia to Serbian Business Registers Agency (SBRA = APR in Serbian)? The only document which you will need from somebody who is in Serbia, is the scanned proof of payment of the SBRA fee. That document you should put in the letter with other doucments and send to SBRA (recipient: Agencija za privredne registre, address: Brankova 25, city: Beograd, country: Serbia, postal code: 11000). You can follow your case until decision on: https://pretraga2.apr.gov.rs/PretragePodatakaOPrimljenimRegistracionimPrijavamaIZalbama

Please pay attention that this does not mean you will not need to come to Serbia. You need to come for bank account opening, and for getting temporary residence and work permit in Serbia. It is not legal to run independent entrepreneur in Serbia if you do not get and renew temporary residence and work permit. If you do not want temporary residence and work permit, you can open LLC in Serbia. LLC you can run without having temporary residence and work permit!

How to save on rental costs?

Belgrade and whole Serbia is very welcoming to Russian people and to people from other countries as well. If you want to save on apartment rental costs, our advice is to consider locations which are not Belgarde city center. Out of city center, you have many locations which can offer everything what you need, but lot cheaper.

Another advice is not to ask for 3 bedrooms apartment for up to 1.000 EUR, if you do not want to get 900 EUR offer for apartment which cost should be 600 EUR. Just ask for 3 bedrooms apartment, and then see what are the offers. In every case, check biggest place for apartment rental ads – Halo oglasi Nekretnine – https://www.halooglasi.com/nekretnine