15 minutes of basic phone consultations regarding company registration in Serbia are free of charge.

You can find a lot of useful information on our website for free too, but for detailed personalized consultations which can last as long as everything is completely clear to the client, we are charging per hour.

By scheduling this type of consultations, you will speak with our director who helped to setup more than 1.000 companies in Serbia and helped them to choose best type of legal form from tax perspective. He also wrote all texts on this website, which we hope you recognized as useful.

Detailed explanation of the service:

Before starting business in Serbia, you probably have many questions not just about registration process but about what comes next. Company registration process is not so complicated, as taxes which you need to pay afterwards are, as well as potential savings on taxes which you could use while having the company.

Our company has more than 27 years of experience in providing accounting services and tax consultations in Serbia. We opened, provided accounting and liquidated many companies with non-resident owners/directors.

Answers on many questions, you can find on our website, but if you want personalized situation analysis, we can offer you in person consultations in our office or phone/Skype consultations.

We admit that of course it is not possible to know everything about every tax legislation. If we need to do further checkings it requires spending time for some non usual questions which clients asks, legislations checkings are billed per hour, the same as consultations. In these cases, we are checking legislation, using services of external consultants or Tax administration call center, which we can email or call. We get answers from them usually in 2-3 days.

Answers to the some of the most common questions, you can find on our website, or we can pass through main things in Serbian tax legislation with you by phone/Skype:

  • Should I register as enterpreneur or should I choose LLC? What are the differences?
  • What taxes and contributions I have to pay?
  • Do director need to be employed? Will I need to pay social contributions for director/owner?
  • Should I choose to be in VAT system or not?
  • Are there any tax reliefs for foreign investors in Serbia and what exactly?
  • Are there general tax reliefs for employing people in Serbia?
  • and many more…

After consultations, you can decide will you open company in Serbia or not, should you open entrepreneur or LLC etc.