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Virtual office in Belgrade for 39€ per month for automatic online monthly payments by card or for only 399€ for 12 months for yearly payment (cca 33€/month)!
No change of price in next years! Free change of address in SBRA (APR) for existing firms (you pay only SBRA fee)
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*offer valid for new clients who register at our address during special offer

Steps required before coming to Serbia

Before coming to Serbia, we usually agree all details with the client. It means, client should fill the form for LLC registration in Serbia. You can see the form here.

After that, we confirm you availability of the name of the company which you proposed.

After that, you can come to Serbia in order to register a firm. Below you can see the activities which will be done in process of company formation in Serbia.

1st day of company formation process in Serbia

2 working day usually lasts company registration in Serbian Business Registers Agency (SBRA). It means that from day when documents are delivered to the Serbian Business Registers Agency (SBRA) to day when SBRA publish decision about company registration, it usually pass 2 working days.

On the 1st day, in the morning, we meet you at notary where you are signing documents for company registration in Serbia. Court translator comes to the notary too. Court translator will translate documents to the owner and director, and court translator will confirm that owner and director understood the documents which they are signing.

After owner and director signed documents, we bring the documents to the Serbian Business Registers Agency.

On website of Serbian Business Registers Agency we are following the status of the case and how it is processed.

Optional – Registration without owners presence with Power of Attorney

If procedure of company registration in Serbian Business Registers Agency is done by Power of Attorney, it means that we register the firm for you by Power of attorney. It means this step (day 1) we do without your presence. On another hand, it means that we first need to make Power of Attorney, send to you by email, you verify it in your country and send to us by DHL/Fedex/post, we translate it in Serbia and we sign documents at notary instead of you.

In that case, owner of the company does not need to come to Serbia at all. Director of the company needs to come at least for bank account opening and taking the digital signature. Digital signature can be taken only personally, it can not be taken by somebody else with any kind of Power of Attorney.

3rd day – Firm is registered. We make stamp, apply for bank account opening, get digital signature, make headquarter rental agreement, sign documents for Tax administration and Local tax administration

On third day, Serbian Business Registers Agency will publish on its website that company is registered. After that, we will make stamp of the company, director of your company will take over digital signature, he will sign documents for Tax administration and Local tax administration, and he needs to sign rental agreement for headquarter of the company. We can provide you with heardquarter of the company (virtual office).

4th or 5th day – Bank makes decision do they accept to open bank account

Depending on the speed of the bank in processing the documentation, the bank informs you if they accepted to open the bank account. If they accepted, director of the firm should go to the bank to sign the documentation.

At some banks, it is possible to complete everything on the 3rd day and it is not necessary to go to the bank after that. When the bank opens an account for your company, the Tax Administration completes the registration in the VAT system if you decided to register the company in the VAT system.

The registration of real owners is also done with the help of a digital signature. We perform activities related to the submission of applications to the Tax Administration and the Local Tax Administration.

14th day of LLC formation process in Serbia – Ebanking is made. You take it, or we take it and send it to you via Fedex

The bank has made ebanking for your company and you can go to the bank to pick it up. If you are not present in Serbia to pick up ebanking, in most banks we can pick up ebanking for you and send it to your address abroad. Some banks allow us to pick up your ebanking by Power of Attorney which is not notarized, while other banks ask for notarized Power of Attorney for picking up ebanking.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.