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If you want to know how to open a company in Serbia, this page is for you.

You will find total costs and everything regarding company formation in Serbia and all related procedures which need to be done when registering a company in Serbia.

Company (LLC=DOO in Serbian) registration service includes:

  • registration of limited liability company (llc=ltd=doo in Serbian) in Serbian Business Registers Agency. We are preparing all the documents which are required in this procedure.
  • procedure of registration in Tax administration including the profit tax form delivery which needs to be delivered in 15 days deadline from the date of registration.
  • Application procedure for utility and eco tax in Local tax administration which needs to be delivered to the Local tax administration in 15 days deadline from the date of registration.

Additional costs and options depend from your preferences – do you want online or offline registration, do you want bank account opening service and many more. All options and costs you can choose and see below.

In the end of the page you can see your total cost, based on the options you choose.

After we receive your order, we will call you and consult you about options which you chose in this form. In that call, when you hear our suggestions about some of the options you chose, you will be able to change it. We will write everything what you tell us to change, and send it to your email.