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Why to start a business in Serbia?

  • The labour market

Most people in Serbia speaks English, which helped Serbia to be a country of choose for many international firms who are able to provide services remotely.

If you are operating an IT business, then you will have access to a pool of young and talented employees with relatively low wages when compared to other countries in the EU or USA.

Serbian labour market is attractive for many manufacturing firms too. Many firms from all around Europe do their manufacturing operations in Serbia.

Below you can see average gross salary (gross 1, not total cost) in Serbia, compared with other countries. Gross salary of 638 EUR is the same as net salary of 432 EUR. Average total cost (gross 2 salary) is 701 EUR.

Source: The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies, 2020   

  • Tax reliefs

There are many tax reliefs for employing certain categories of people, as on example 65%-75% reduction for tax and contributions on salary for people who are unemployed more than 6 months.

There are many tax reliefs for big investors too.  A 10-year Corporate Profit Tax Holiday is available for investors who hire more than 100 employees and invest more than 8.5 million euros (1 billion RSD). Tax holiday begins once the company starts making a profit.

  • Free trade agreement with many countries

Serbia has trading agreements with many countries. You can check more about these trading agreement on Development agency of Serbia website.

  • It is easy to start a business in Serbia

Registering your business is quite easy and minimum capital is just 1 EUR. Getting your business registered in Serbia with bank account opening requires you to visit a Belgrade for just 1 day visit to Belgrade. You can order company registration online in just 10 minutes.

  • Strategic geographical location

Serbia is a perfect place for the location of the company’s business if it wants to thoroughly and most efficiently serve its clients in the European Union, Southeast Europe and the Middle East. Serbia borders the European Union and yet offers the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of working outside the European Union, and at the same time is able to provide services and transport goods in a projected and flexible time frame.