Special virtual office offer for new clients!

Virtual office in Belgrade for 39€ per month for automatic online monthly payments by card or for only 399€ for 12 months for yearly payment (cca 33€/month)!
No change of price in next years! Free change of address in SBRA (APR) for existing firms (you pay only SBRA fee)
Limited time offer!
*offer valid for new clients who register at our address during special offer

When you register a company in Serbia, you will get ID number of the company and Tax ID number of the company. When somebody says company registration number Serbia, he usually thinks on ID number of the company.

You can search for Serbian companies on official website of Serbian Business Registers Agency (SBRA) or on some pages as Bisnode Search.

On SBRA website, you can search for companies in Serbia using ID number or using name of the company. On Bisnode website, you can search by multiple criteria, even using Tax ID number.

On example, our company registration number is 20242728.